Special Issue

Thematic Issue (open access) in Politics and Governance 6(4), Big Data Applications in Governance and Policy, November 2018. Co-edited with Reuben Ng (NUS, Singapore).

  • Editorial for the Special Issue: Giest, Sarah and Reuben Ng. 2018. Big Data Applications in Governance and Policy. Politics and Governance 6 (4).

Peer-reviewed journal articles 

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Books chapters

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EU Reports

Stroetmann, K.A., Artmann, J., Stroetmann, V., Protti, D., Dumortier, J., Giest, S., Wallosek, U. and D. Whitehouse. 2011. European countries on their journey towards national eHealth infrastructures. Final European progress report. European Commission, Information Society.

This project included the publication of 33 individual country reports in collaboration with country experts, see http:// www.ehealth-strategies.eu/ for details.

Blog posts

Giest, Sarah and Ansgar Koene. Engaging with citizens online: civic apps must offer dynamic interactions in order to be truly effective. London School of Economics, Impact of Social Science Blog, January 25th, 2017. 

Giest, Sarah. The Key to Innovation. Socially Integrated Sciences Blog, March 29th, 2012. 

Giest, Sarah. Tell your Grandma about your researchSocially Integrated Sciences Blog, January 9th, 2012.